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Extract Full Value from Your Internet Channel

Each Internet banking and bill payment transaction represents an opportunity, repeated over and over each day, for financial institutions to construct in-depth profiles of individual consumers, build stronger, more extensive relationships, and increase their profitability.

But this wonít happen by itself. By combining responsive customer care and highly targeted marketing, Online Resources helps financial institutions take center stage as their consumersí primary financial institution.

Customer Care: Exceeding Your Consumer's Expectations

The best consumer experience requires more than great technology. It requires great people, people who can transform a consumer question into an occasion to demonstrate your commitment to personal serviceó24 hours a day.

At Online Resources, we make a substantial, ongoing investment in people, creating a highly knowledgeable customer care team with the experience to resolve issues quickly and empowered to pursue exceptions until they are resolved. Itís a customer care team that exceeds industry standards for responsiveness and effectiveness. When vital consumer relationships are at stake, you canít afford anything less.

ICMSM Marketing: Your Key to Profitability

The fastest way to achieve profitability for your Internet channel is through highly targeted efforts that promote adoption, upsell to bill payment, and cross-selling throughout your consumer base. Thanks to our ICM marketing process, we do exactly that.

There are three elements to ICM. The tight integration of our online banking and bill payment platform. A state-of-the-art intelligence engine optimized for the banking industry. And marketing experts with a unique knowledge of the Internet banking cycle, gained over a decade of experience.

Together, these three elements are exceptionally effective in driving consumers through the Internet banking lifecycle from adoption to cross-sell. Thatís why our clients enjoy the highest banking adoption and bill pay upsell rates in the industry.

For more information read the Relationship Management brochure (Requires Adobe Acrobat).

Please contact us to receive more information about this product, and a representative from Online Resources will contact you shortly.

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