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CollectPay Essentials is a web-based, bill payment solution that allows you to collect loan and credit card payments electronically. It's cost-effective, easy to implement, and customizable for your institution’s products and specific needs.

Thanks to CollectPay Essentials, consumers can make their credit card or loan payment from your website, even if they don’t have a deposit account with your financial institution. Since payments are collected from consumers and remitted to you electronically, you’ll be able to decrease the number of payments that today are made via existing consumer touchpoints, such as your branches and call center. And because CollectPay Essentials is offered in an outsourced/ASP environment, it is easy to implement and manage, making it possible for you to launch a branded electronic payment service in just weeks.

Consumer Experience—The Enrollment Module

When consumers click a “pay my bill” button on your website, they are seamlessly hyperlinked to your branded payment page. Once there, consumers can:

  • Create a secure user profile in which they can enable up to five of their accounts at your financial institution for which they want to send you payments. Users can then store up to five funding accounts from which payments will be debited. Payment accounts can include credit cards, as well as savings and checking accounts at other financial institutions.
  • View summary billing information for their accounts and services at your institution.
  • Schedule one-time payments that will be sent to your financial institution “today” or at a later date.

CollectPay Essentials also automatically generates email notifications to the consumer when certain events have occurred, such as the confirmation of cancelled and processed payments.

Your Experience—The Client Console

Through the Client Console, your financial institution can respond to consumer inquiries with real-time payment information and can use the tool to supplement your existing reporting and payment reconciliation processes. You will be able to:

  • Search for a payment using a variety of criteria
  • Review up to the minute, detailed information about a selected payment.
  • Deploy the Console in your customer/member service and accounting areas to streamline communications and service performance.
  • Generate reports that provide aggregate data on transactions, enrollment, and Console usage by your employees.

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