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B2B Banking Platform

Business Banking from Online Resources is a sophisticated suite of products and a highly effective solution that enables your financial institution to acquire, deepen and retain relationships with businesses of any size or type.

Build Relationships with Businesses –
Any Size, Any Type

B2B Banking Platform

With its robust set of administration tools, Business Banking gives you the ability to tailor a unique solution for virtually any business.  Business owners can now set limits on the amount and types of transactions that can be authorized, as well as set restrictions on specific accounts that can be accessed.

Business Banking also provides a comprehensive set of solid online financial solutions.  Users can conduct balance reporting, payroll direct deposits, vendor disbursements, book transfers and wire transfers.  They can also utilize advanced ACH capabilities including federal tax payments.

To help your institution roll-out and successfully sustain your business banking services, Online Resources offers a full spectrum of support services, ranging from implementation and training to marketing.

Administrative Tools
Our Administrative Tools make it easy to configure a solution that perfectly meets the needs of any business.  Now you can add or delete users, entitle modules and services, adjust account access and modify security workflow, all with the click of a mouse.

ACH Origination
ACH Origination allows your business owners to perform routine transactions, such as payroll payments, vendor payments, direct debits and tax payments over the ACH system.  Our easy-to-navigate interface helps them master ACH tasks quickly, whether they are setting up a new payroll file or paying federal taxes.

  • Powerful Administrative Tools
  • Account Balance and Reporting
  • ACH Origination and Processing
  • Business Bill Payment
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • End-to-End Accountability

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As your business customers grow in knowledge and confidence, they’ll benefit from a business banking service that offers just the right selection of advanced capabilities:

  • Internet Banking
  • ACH Origination
  • Tax Payments
  • Business Bill Payment
  • Wire Transfers
  • Remote Deposit Capture

Please contact us to receive more information about this product, and a representative from Online Resources will contact you shortly.